Friday, 24 July 2015

Buying a New Car : Follow a simple checklist

Everyday the roads are getting jam packed with wheels spinning from the lower end car models to the luxurious mighty giants. Owing to the market situations where the money is flowing quite rapidly people are ignoring some basic things while buying a new car. It results in sustaining losses which the costumer will not even come to know throughout his life and the car dealers will make their share of profit out of your negligence.

So I am just trying to simplify the things for you people by listing out some basic information which you need to know before paying off for your wheels.

  • D0 check out Social Media like Facebook which is no doubt a very powerful tool to get you good feedbacks about the car.
  • Do know the actual registration cost for your planned drive as the Dealers makes hefty amount from 1500 bucks to 5000 bucks.
  • Do check out the actual insurance amount and the best available offers in the market.
  • Have your invoices correctly displaying all the amounts and costs. Request your dealer for the same.
  • If you are getting your car registered through the dealer, always retain the original restoration fee receipt.
  • Do request your car dealer for the warranty card of your car battery and other accessories.
  • Make sure you check out with the dealer about warranty as it is said 3 years but on some of the parts it only extends for 2 years.